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September 27, 2006

The kids had no school today, and being momentarily unemployed, everything sort of worked out for the best. I took them to Science World. We’re one Skytrain stop away, and it is a favourite destination for the boy. I think this is the third year we’ve been members, and today I got my new membership card with a picture. We spent over five hours inside and I still had to drag them out of there.

The Aquarium and Science World are two great places to spend the day with your kids, as long as it’s a weekday. Stay away on weekends. Really there aren’t many places in Vancouver worth going that don’t fill up before you get there on weekends. It’s to the point I’m thinking any work I do should be on the weekend, so I have a couple weekdays off to enjoy the city.

We parked our stroller in the stroller parking section, they really have one of these, shouldn’t that be written into the by-laws like car and bicycle parking? Anyway, The Body Worlds exhibit cost extra to get into, and I don’t know if it was worth it. But it was interesting.

It’s pretty fucking gross really. There’s this one guy, totally skinned and holding it out like a used blanket. I was disgusted. These are real bodies that have gone through a preservation process. It was also amazing. I mean that in the sense that I was amazed. I’m thinking to go back without the kids to spend some time with the pieces. I took a real close look at some skin, it had been shaved, but was translucent and you could see the hair continue into the follicle. The muscles and connective tissues were also something else. I’ve seen drawings before, but this was different. There was so much more information there. Beef Jerky. It was kind of like that. Words popping into your head. These are real human bodies, in exploded views. Not exploded in the way of a bullet. This was more like art. It was provocative.

I walk by Commercial Drive Station every Friday lunch and there are the Right to Lifers creaking around with their posters of fetal mutilation. And in this exhibit there’s the progression of fetal development sealed in plastic. The eight week fetus in striking. This is going to bother someone. That’s what I thought then. Not that it bothered me, but that it would bother someone. My living little ones were a bit freaked, they didn’t say anything, but exploded humans, how does a four year old see that. He didn’t say much about them. My two year old who is still nursing was fascinated by the nipples on all the female corpses.

I’ll check it out without kids before it wraps up. I wonder about this.