The Final Truth

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Final Truth

The chapter on truth ends with Jaspers warning not to arbitrarily justify or condemn everything. This after Nietszche conludes that "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." (I thought I’d heard that before, so I looked through one of my books on/by William S. Burroughs, The Job. I thought the quote was "When nothing is Sacred, Everything is possible" But it turns out Hassan i Sabbah brought the saying into the world.) I’ll just get this out. Jasper wants to hold on to something, and no doubt, but Nietzsche is a new kind of philosopher. He’s more than telling us what we should aspire to, he does that, he tries to give us something to aspire to, but he makes it hard by taking away everything we’ve relied on to reach our aspirations.

"Nothing is true. Now you must give the highest proof of being of a noble kind."

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