Chapter 5: Jasper’s Nietzsche

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chapter 5

I finished reading the chapter titled World Exegesis a couple days ago. These chapters are huge. Jaspers comes on strong at the end of this chapter. Nietzsche says that any interpretation of the world must be bounded by the body. But Jaspers believes in God. He writes something almost unintelligible to me about Nietzsche’s failings to incorporate the spiritual world. I’ll go on about this:

In criticizing the two-world theory, Nietzsche only dealt with its formulation as a crude rationalistic dualism that does indeed end in an empty beyond or in nothingness. In thinking in this fashion, he had to dispense with all those ways of using the categories “reality and appearance,” “truth and illusion,” “being and existence,” which permit them – apart from any assumption about the world outside the present one – to express such existential tenets as the transparency of things and the cipher-nature of the world. During these periods of his thinking, he took no cognizance of all those interpretations of world being, gained in meditative probing, in which (in accordance with his own demands) no concession is made to what does not show itself to be present here and now and which yet avoid a narrowing of world-being to particular categories or to that which can be grasped in determinate knowledge: in them, no “other world” reflects a deceptive dream, and their relation to absolute transcendence (God) supports, within this world, the self-being of those who entertain them in their thoughts.


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