Book Three: Nietzsche’s Way of Thinking

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Book Three: Nietszche’s Way of Thinking

Philosophy is an expression of love, at it’s best anyway. The best philosophers are generous with their thoughts. I pulled a quote yesterday that expresses Nietzsche’s need to share. Here are a couple more:

“Perhaps it is not true – may others wrestle with it!”

"It is not doubt, it is certainty that brings on madness."

Nietzsche’s thoughts are something to think about along the way.

JaspersNietzsche was written to oppose the use of Nietzsche’s thought to add philosophical weight to Nazi propaganda; Not the best time to be clear headed about the value of Nietzsche’s thought. Jaspers also believes in God; this brings something interesting, a sort of unresolvable tension to the book.

This last quote from the book is Jaspers:

What makes Nietzsche’s positions empty is that, while he intends to remain within the world, he abandons the objects of worldly knowledge.


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