Defining the personal

I went for a run this morning. I haven’t run in a few months and the lack of activity is starting to reveal itself in a very unappealing manner. I have started riding quite a bit recently though and I think I’ve gotten into a bit of a groove that should last the summer at least. This morning we, as a family of six, were going to drive to Second Beach for everything that little slice of heaven has to offer. That was why I went for a run, I wasn’t going to ride, and like I said I can use the exercise. But after the run the non-cyclist dropped out, so we packed up the bikes and pedaled across the city. Right now my legs feel like they should after two and a half hours of exercise.

I ran for a half hour. I need OS X 10.3.4 before I can post my nike+ipod statistics and make it even easier for “tech-savvy stalkers” to track my every move. This brings me to the main topic of this post.

So yes I’ve been considering the problems of writing a personal blog in the abstract. First it’s boring as hell for readers, not that I have many, more on that later, and it’s not much fun to write. Second, my personal life, is not only my own but a series of connections to other personal lives. Not only that my children have two mothers, so the assumption that there is only one mother in any abstract family means that the abstract can be misleading. So I need to be more clear, if I’m going to blog at all. The thing is I’ve got StatCounter on this blog and I know that in the past two days only one person has looked at this blog, and I know exactly who that reader is.

Since the beginning this blog has been a directionless bit of compartmentalized writing. I started to other blogs (which no longer exist). They’re an attempt to gain some sort of focus, but this here is more personal and my person is an unorganized curious sort.

Yesterday we went to Second Beach as well, we met a neighbour there. It’s nice to go across the city and run into someone you know. I’m thinking that this blog can also be seen as social, somehow. We’ll see. My kids love going to the beach. We could go every day and it would never get old. We picnic and they love it. My son can’t get enough of taking things out of a cooler. The pleasures in life are really very simple at five. Sand, water, buckets and eventually something to eat are all they need.



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