Give a man a fish already!

I subscribe to Google Alerts with the search term "education." Every day I get a page of news articles and blogs to go through. The other day I saw this:

More Education Woes
By (Gman)
And, is anyone disturbed by the fact that poor kids are to blame for the drop in average scores? I refuse to accept the mindset that poverty is a barrier to learning. That mindset has led to the dumbing down of education and the mess –

The sentence, "I refuse to accept the mindset…" struck me immediately. I’ve been thinking about it, I’m still thinking about it. After reading the very short post and the comments I left a comment of my own. I had to ask, "Do you refuse to accept that malnutrition is a barrier to athletic performance?"

When poverty is seen as a lifestyle or culture choice its physiological effects may be ignored. Poverty and hunger and malnutrition are barriers to development. More testing doesn’t help feed hungry children. What is the point of education for children living in poverty?

That’s not a cynical or rhetorical question. What is the point of education? What is the point of literacy? Or what are the limits of education and literacy? Is education about solving problems? And if so, at least in part, do children living in poverty need education or nutrition?


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