Writing Sample

For my application I was asked to submit a writing sample. There it is.


A couple comments:

1. As part of my application I submitted two articles as writing samples. They were from a community newspaper so showed no academic ability. It was suggested I submit academic writing. In the week and a half I had to research and prepare this as yet non-existent academic work, an idea (all I need is one idea) was a very elusive substance. An idea did come, and if you take the time to read the paper you might see it. The idea came late, but better late than far too late.

2. That idea has been growing and connecting with other ideas. I’ve been struck over and over again how writers tend to rework the same material. Many philosophers write the same book over and over again. I mention this because in the past few days since finishing this paper, in this flurry of ideas I was led to an idea of my youth. It’s as if I’ve been unconsciously working on the same problem for two decades.


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