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I’m in the middle of writing a paper. This post isn’t a form of procrastination, I’m thinking outside the paper and wanted to get these excess thoughts out. I made a comment the other day (which has since been deleted.) on edtechpost about “open hearts” and “open education/source/society and so on” and wanted to write a little more here about that. (This is almost going to be point form.) I read a line today from Gramsci’s Notebooks. (I’ll pull the quote later (much later)(Here it is: “Today’s widespread educational crisis can be precisely linked to the fact that this process of differentiation and specialization has taken place chaotically, without clear and precise principles, without a well thought out and consciously fixed plan.”))  Politically, although the option doesn’t exist on Facebook, I’d dance with the Utopian Anarchists, which means I’m very sensitive to control freaks (including my own) and very interested in the “open” movements.

What was interesting about the edtechpost post, was the budding awareness of a development both personal and professional necessary for open practice. Will the philosophies and practice of the open (creative commons) movements change who we are? Or is this just a phenomenon of consciousness? Are the “early adopters” already open? Remember the talk of virtual communities in the mid 90s? Becoming conscious of an open community is not the same as a growing open community. This needs to be fleshed out with research, but if we proceed “as if” people don’t change, that the open community is not growing, but finding itself, and developing, then development, creative development, connected, creative self development is all that’s left for the movement to do.

(The emphasis in open movements need to be on giving; an open heart is a giving heart.)


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