Research Interests

Right now I’ve got 36 posts sitting as drafts. They are all posts from other blogs that I’ve started and quit. I had this idea that blogs should have a theme, this was pre-labels on blogger, but even now I want some theme. I want a thread running through all my posts, and I want it to be obvious. The drafts are thematically scattered, and once they make their way in there will be no telling what this blog is about.

Education is my research area, but lately I’ve been drawn to the problem of homelessness in Vancouver, I could make the link, but it’s not obvious. I mean if four people were to link homelessness and education, I hope there would be four different diagrams.

Here are three links to the current homelessness situation in Vancouver:

  1. Taking it to the UN
  2. Taking it to the UN and Olympic Committee
  3. Taking it to the street

Your assignment is to link Homelessness and Education.


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