Horse and Carriage

I’ve attended a Philosophers’ Cafe in my neighbourhood a couple times now. The first topic was the compatibility of Human Rights and Capitalism, and the second was Marriage and Morals. I spoke up during the second topic conversation, but I don’t think my remarks were at all coherent or even comprehendible.

I’ve been thinking about "it" and the scare-quoted-it is all I can use to begin this post for much the same reason as another incoherrent attempt. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I say this in the deepest, most profound sense. I literally do not know what i am talking about.

The common sense of that saying would have me talking about something I’m not as familiar with as is another or as I myself think I should be. If I were talking about biology with a biologist a point would be reached where it could be said that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Of course I’m talking about biology, and I know that, just not as well as the judge in this case thinks I should.
When I say I don’t know what I’m talking about in the case of the Philosophers’ Cafe discussion I mean I was groping for a body of knowledge. No one, could have known what I was talking about. If anyone from the Cafe finds this, I apologize and thank you for the opportunity to think out loud. I won’t recount what I said because I can’t remember, but it was in response to a comment about the choice individuals make regarding relationships, and that persons fear of the ensuing chaos if individuals choose to live outside traditional/regulated relationships.

My concern with relationships (marriage) is its connection to social change.

Some points:

  • Relationships are easy. In that what is desired is given. Gender Neutral: What is wanted is perfection. Reciprocal domination. We want to bow before the god who lifts us up.
  • Relationships are impossible. Nothing is perfect. The ideal always exists outside our reality. The ideal is given and unnattainable.
  • Communicating outside the given is difficult/impossible.
  • Original creative attempts fall on no ground.
  • Scene: Guy walks up to a table of women in a bar asks "What are you 4 doing tonight?"
  • Changing the given relationship is analogous to changing the social.
  • Consider the persistence of "soul" in relationships/love/marriage.

I also put a new paper-in-progress online. It deals a little with the ideas of "soul." I am completely open to any comments. The paper really is in-progress. I’ve also got some building and repair projects "in-progress" around the house. About those I’d appreciate you keep your comments to yourself.


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