Shaping Our Future – Day 1

Here’s the link to Shaping our Future : Toward a pan-Canadian e-learning research agenda. The title is fairly self explanatory. My proposed research might fit under the umbrella a pan-Canadian research agenda, so I joined the conference and have been following the discussion.

I’m making notes right now.

From Terry Anderson’s forum post on what this conference is about: "E-Learning has been recognized by many nations as being critical not only for existing formal education systems, but more importantly for lifelong learning, professional development, re-training of immigrants and creating opportunity for those who are deprived of access to traditional forms of education and learning."

It’s clear from this that this conference is about getting the government to recognize (fund) e-learning as a worthwhile area of research. My question is: Who does will this research agenda serve? 

Terry Anderson (in his own point form) hopes that the conference will help us all to understand:

  • What is a research agenda?
  • Why we need a pan-Canadian e-learning research agenda in this area,
  • what the components of a research agenda are,
  • on the third week we will create that agenda on the SCOPE WIkI
  • and perhaps the collaborative creation and dissemination of this document will be used by researchers, policy makers and teachers to galvanize and inspire all of us to more effectively use e-learning to improve the lives of all of us

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