SOF2008 – Week 1

My first question was: Who will this agenda serve? You can see the discussion here. I don’t think the question, the way I asked it, was clear. But it reminded me that I need to create a glossary of my own. There I am attempting to define terms like learning on the spot. The question remains: Who will a Pan-Canadian E-learning research agenda serve? The who should not go unsaid. There is always a who.

Who could the agenda serve? Software vendors? The government? The status quo? Power? People? Look in the Why is e-learning crucial? forum and there are some answers to the question of in whose service this agenda will be dedicated. (Crucial? I’ve written about this before.) One post: "I think we will have to address the fact that education prepares individuals to be productive members of society and as the society changes so MUST education, not only to keep abreast but to be leaders." Another post: "These are all components of a knowledge society, which Canada is and wants to be." In these posts the agenda will serve society and Canada.


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