Red Means Rest

That’s a George Carlin line, "Red means rest". In a bit about driving he offers this advice for dealing positively with red lights. If you’ve got to stop you might as well relax. This is coming from somewhere…

Marc Ngui from Bumblenut is in Paris. He recently updated his website. Looking around, I came across this. (Here’s Marc’s site.) In some way these diagrams help explain my recently ended hiatus from posting here, and they will probably also help explain the free riffing attempts that will be posted here in the very near future. In words, I’ve been lost in thought. Mixing metaphors, I went in over my head. Now there’s nothing left to do but revel in the confusion.

I’ll get the names and dates later, but a relevant story goes: An apprentice animator asked a master, while he was working, if he ever listened to music while drawing. The Master screamed,"What a stupid..! I’ve never heard a more stupid question in my fff- life!" When the master calmed a little he added, "I’m not that smart, I can only think of one thing at a time." There may be a time and place for extreme singular concentration, but we also need the ability to think in the multiple, or at the least, if only one thought is possible, make connections, and move quickly through multiple concepts. It’s an ability, that I need to work on. Any talk of education will lead quickly into a complex concept of the social. Thinking through the complex, and communicating, while thinking through complex concepts, networking in complex ideas, should be a staple of education. Who will educate the educators?


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