On Communal Living

I’ve been holding off writing about communal living for a while now, mostly because the writing would be an expression of a desire that can only ever be frustrating. I thought about putting something down after reading this post by Favianna…  But recently a family member wrote a post on the subject. And even more recently some friends mentioned the desire to open their relationship. It seems now’s as good as any time to start writing about the subject, and really, I should have been writing about this immediately, I mean the subject of communal living should be a theme woven through this blog. Really, any discussion of any desire for change should touch on communal living.

I say it should be a theme weaving throughout this blog, and now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t really know where to start. There are a number of reasons I desire communal living. There are so many social practices and institutions that work against the idea, and then there are so many possible conceptions of the idea of communal living itself, that any one of these factors could be a starting point.

I could start with a critique of traditional marriage, which would create a false opposition and misdirect from the difference of communal living. Or I could start with a set of distinctions between open relationships, communal living and poly-amorous orientations. I’m trying to think of what’s essential. Why is communal living so difficult to imagine? Is it a question of narratives? Or the lack of narratives? How do we understand the sublime? Camus writes that one must disparage the greatness that insults. And somehow that seems relevant. Again, how do we understand the sublime?


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