notes toward a critique of traditional marriage

For years I sung my daughter to sleep with Some Day My Prince Will Come as a lullaby. Here’s the narrative of relationships in a couple verses. prince comes, be as one, married, castle forever, happy.

Side note: Today waiting in line for the corkscrew roller coaster at the PNE, I was behind a young woman wearing a shirt which read “Only Vampires can love you forever.”

It’s not like the narrative hasn’t been falling apart, It’s not like we don’t understand that it rarely happens, but the narrative still has power. The ideal, the happiness is still desired. Like I know that song is not cool.

Another side note: Miles Davis is cool.

But the song is fodder for cynics, and cynicism is cool. I love the song. It comforts children, and the idea comforts me as well. Someday my prince will come. It’s hard to knock a hope like that.


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