Everything is Data

The importance of where an idea is coming from (Latour’s notebooks) Keep track of all our moves. Everything is data. Keep four notebooks, keep to description. nb1. log of enquiry itself. nb2. gathering information. nb3. writing trials nb4. register effects of written account.

This last notebooks suggests an ethic of concern, commitment, continuance.

This ethic of concern also contradicts the common notion of scientific experiment. If someone told you he was experimenting on his friends you’d think — borderline personality disorder, etc. etc. To treat your friends as objects to be manipulated, as data…

This brings up the notion of common understanding, meaning, language, sense. One argument holds that if a word has a meaning it must keep the meaning. You must use words as they are understood if you hope to communicate. If the word has a meaning, don’t change it, find a word that means what you want to say or in other words if you want to say something different say what you want with different words.

In common understanding, science is a cold data based study of a sub-field of matter. But for the social scientist who tries to reduce  the object of study to a cold data, this mode of study is based on selected data, and more accurately the scientist is reduced. Latour brings in everything, of course this is impossible, but it’s not impossible to bring more of your story to the study. Social science becomes a warm science, the science of living. Domestic science could be a warm and intimate science of daily living.


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