Clearing my head…

One writing trap I fall into is cooking up the infinite idea of a post. I’ve been doing a lot of swimming, pedaling, reading on beaches, conversing with friends and following links all over the internet over the past month and the connections are infinite. One idea rolls into the next and back until the possibility of writing anything is lost in the chaos. What I’ve learned from reading Latour is to write the chaos.

Years, many years ago while editing a piece for a local newspaper, I called for the assistance of another editor. We sat staring at the screen, sort of wondering how to salvage the piece when the other editor said, “This guy has absolutely no control.” In that moment it was possibly the most hilarious thing anyone had ever said about anything, and we killed ourselves laughing. Eventually I settled myself enough to make some sense of the writing. That line has stayed with me, and the need for control, has in some ways, stifled my ability to write. But there is a difference between controlled sentences and control of the material, one is possible, easily possible, and the other, even the attempt is a recipe for madness.
Even a limited line of the flow of contact gives an idea of my inability to synthesize all of the internet into one blog post. It’s kind of embarrassing to even write about succumbing to this drive, but this is a drive I’ve succumbed to. This column about the left in Canada came to my attention. I’d just started reading Conrad Schmidt’s Alternatives to Growth and the final preparations for G20 demonstrations were all over the internet. What happened in Toronto set off a tidal wave of digitized documentation and opinion. It seems we’re all still wading in it. I eventually got back to Schmidt’s book and this article crossed my path. I was also coincidentally and simultaneously reading Nowtopia and it turn out Carlsson was at Matt Hern’s house here in Vancouver over that time, and that Matt Hern has written a book dealing with the same themes. Carlsson reviews the book here. ( you need to go to June 16 on his calendar/archive?) And then Carlsson referenced Richard Day’s. Gramsci is Dead, so I read that, and now clearly I am overwhelmed.

And then there’s my domestic situation, which is in total transition, but informing my opinions and all this is reforming my next series of tricks, (Bullwinkle: Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Rocky: Again! That trick never works.) which will of course, reform my opinions once again. Which leads me to this link which was thrown into my digital path. But the limited thinking in this digitally lobbed post and it’s discounting of what i think is potentially a great part of the action needed to improve our lives. Which brings me back to Schmidt and Salutin above mentioned work. What action is needed to improve our lives?


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