Domestic Science 2010

Considering a warm science infused with an exploration of everyday life.

How am I living? How do I want to live?

I’m at a point where I can consider these questions, and by point I mean not only a very recent settling of a massive domestic upheaval, but a settled moment from which I must continue to live, with all that that entails.

10 years ago I went through a similar upheaval. Whether or not I learned anything from the previous situation who can tell. I recently read an article I’d written those ten years ago and in it I mention the criminalization of dissent. Right now I mention again being at a point, because there’s definitely an economic necessity to charge ahead, and charging ahead is not conducive to thinking things through. The recent criminalization of dissent surrounding the G20 is a recent spectacle, but domestic/everyday life is a non-spectacle driven by an economic necessity that makes stopping to think a form of dissent. And this form of dissent is punished economically. Like I said, I don’t think I learned anything from my last upheaval, but this time around, I’m going to take notes. If I can’t stop and think, I’ll try thinking on the run…

This is an experiment in living well. I started earlier a study of Aristotle’s Ethics which I’ve since abandoned… But I’ve started gardening, baking bread, volunteering, riding my bike, and looking for work. And all of this with kids around. And now I’m going to start making notes. Everything is Data!

Domestic Science Curriculum 1920



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