backyard bikes and dirt

simple machines and dirt, originally uploaded by Rodger Levesque.

so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white

I took this picture after attaching the trail-a-bike a friend had lent us. We are heading out on a camping trip in a couple days.

Notice the little garden plot in the back corner. We used this article as a guide. We’ve planted a row of spinach, parsnips, swiss chard and beets. And then filled in between the path stones with onions and pac choi. The links are to the seeds we used. I lost the parsnips package, so can’t be sure which seeds we used, but the row is also too close to the house and gets very little sun, so I’m not expecting much from them. This is our first year so I’m not expecting much any way, except a learning experiment. The kids are involved and excited.

We’ve also got a package of snow peas that we need to find/make a space to plant.

And then there’s the wheelbarrow. One thing missing is the chickens, but we are planning to build a coop this fall.


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