Communal Fire

Kate had a meeting about one thing or another on Salt Spring Island, so we decided to take the opportunity to camp out on another island. We spent the night at Ruckle provincial Park .

We drove to Tsawwassen and took the ferry to Swartz Bay and a ferry from there to Salt Spring Island. The camp sites at Ruckle Park are walk in. So we parked the truck in a parking lot and walked our gear to site 44. H picked the site. Near, but not too near, the toilets, and close to the water. H knows that you don’t want to be too near the toilets because they smell. The day was spent swimming and hiking. And at the end of the day the moon rising over the water was beautiful. I tried to take a picture, but I only had my cell phone and couldn’t capture anything.

There was a fire ban, so the Shared Fire Rings were empty, but I like the idea.

I think this place would be a great destination for our next bike trip. We haven’t ridden to Tsawwassen yet. I think it’s around 30k. The ride once you get on Salt Spring is 10k. I’m thinking it would make a great weekend bike trip. There’s no reason to only take bike trips in the summer. Summer is the time for longer tours, but overnight trips would be great preparation. You’d need to carry less clothing, and food on an overnight trip. And sleeping on the ocean in different types of weather would be great experiences.

Bike touring is a long term family project. Weekend rides would be good practice. For camping to be enjoyable, I think you need to do it well. What I’m going to start working on is creative cooking. Cooking well is part of living well. Tasty meals are a reason to live. And as we continue to camp/tour/travel I’d like to develop cooking skills that travel.


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