Matter in movement

This is a quote I came across recently. It’s been on the stickies on my desktop for a while. It seems very relevant now.

“The universe is the vast unity of everything that is, everywhere it shows us only matter in movement. This is all that there is and it displays only an infinite and continuous chain of causes and actions; some of these causes we know, since they immediately strike our senses; others we do not know since they act on us only by means of consequences, quite remote from first causes.” Holbach (1723 – 1789)

And I’d like to also note a quote from Anne Frank’s diary:

“I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.”

I’m still moving in, and this Saturday was to be a cleaning day. I’ve vacuumed, made beds, two meals, dishes, swept floors, folded laundry. But the kids, all three of them decided that this was going to be a playing day, so now despite all my effort the place is in a worse state than it was last night. This an hour before we have to leave for soccer. I’ve thrown in the towel for today.

But I wanted to write more about my enlightenment. The two quotes above are a good jumping off point. My enlightenment has no spiritual quality. On the contrary, I would argue against the existence of spirit. We are a complexity of matter in motion. I started yesterday’s post with a nod to my Catholic introduction to the world, but for the past 20 years I’ve been living in a physical world. That said, I’ve always had a willfully innocent belief in humanity, but today that belief is gone, there is for me today no truly human essence, no human heart, which is another word for spirit. Nothing ties us together other than physical relationships, and those are conditioned by our formative physical relationships. Love becomes a physical capability, or not. A body through deficient formative physical relationships may not have the capacity to love.

This enlightenment while rejecting spiritual humanism and hope, moves forward on the goal of a common good with physical humanism and action.

Here’s something I wrote on facebook today:

Oxygen and brain activity have a good relationship. There’s also a relationship between oxygen and autonomy, oxygen and creativity, oxygen and individuality. My theory (totally unsubstantiated, but it makes sense to me) is that each person’s potential for creativity, individuality, community, autonomy needs to be realized. (I don’t smoke anything ever, or drink, or use any depressants. So what follows isn’t veiled self-aggrandizement, if anything, with coffee and cola being my drugs of choice I might be on the other end of the spectrum…) Class, political economy, society, state institutions limit our development. That difference between the limit and the potential manifests as a personal problem. Those with the most potential become the most self destructive. The surplus potential, the extra life the limit won’t let us live, must be destroyed. What I’m saying is that addiction is not only a personal problem, it’s a personal reaction to social/cultural/state oppression.

Oppression affects our health, which is the very thing we need to overcome oppression. Keep up the struggle for your health and development!!! Love.


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