Skimming the surface

Even though I didn’t post anything yesterday, November 1, I’m still going to try to post something every day this month. Not that posting something yesterday is possible today, but everyday isn’t really the point. The point of the exercise is to write.

A facebook friend asked the question:

what possibilities (or challenges) do you think social media presents for universities/colleges?
Oddly enough, considering my last post I wrote:
Read, Education Automation. It’s quick and easy, but if you look at the effect of technology (architecture then, internet now) on relationships, and the challenge to change relationships in educational institutions posed by technology, you can see the institution takes up the challenge to the point that relationships to power and knowledge remain unchanged (stay commodified).

I have no hope in the institution.

It has come across in the dialogues I recently posted, the idea that nothing is changing. There is a very simple reason for this, there is no group doing anything differently.
This will be my topic for November. There’s nuance, believe it or not, in what I just wrote. Nuance takes time.
What are the game changers?

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