What this blog is about generally is my attempt to create a rational space in myself; to develop an attitude, ethic or consciousness that makes good in my everyday life.

I started this blog years ago when I was renovating homes full time. You’d never know what I did everyday by what I was writing. And then when I stayed home with my kids for years I continued writing, and again, what I did daily had little to do with what I was blogging.

There might be clues, but the majority was abstracted and near unreadable.

The content changed but not really in connection with my life. In a lot of ways I was not interested in writing a personal blog. I was seeking dialogue, but found little. I imported a few conversations that happened elsewhere, but here on this blog little conversation took place.

I’ve since started renovating and repairing homes again. I started another blog to log projects, and thought of keeping this one for more philosophical pursuits. but both blogs have been dormant for quite a while.

I’ve made a few notes toward a post here, and taken photos to document projects there, but haven’t moved on any of them. I don’t like the idea of a commercial blog, I really don’t feel like selling myself. And by that I mean projecting a business persona. I don’t have a business persona, so any projection would be faked. And the idea of writing more abstracted postings bores me.

What interests me is developing an ethic. And this has to be personal and detailed. How do I do business? How do I raise my children? How do I create an attitude, and atmosphere to do these well? How do I create a social life? A love life? How can I change myself for the good of a community? These are the questions that interest me. And in a meandering way I’m seeking answers.

What I am going to do in 2013 is write this out. This is a kind of resolution to think out loud.

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