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Grease Monkey Sunday

August 29, 2010

flat tire, originally uploaded by Rodger Levesque.

gripshifters, originally uploaded by Rodger Levesque.

It started with a flat tire. I’ve been filling my tire with air every few days for a couple weeks now. It was initially a slow leak needing attention on a weekly basis. Over the past couple days it’s been going flat over night. So I got out the patch kit and we set to work fixing it up.

Handlebars, originally uploaded by Rodger Levesque.

It only takes a few minutes to fix a flat, so since the tools were out we put the Adams Tremor on the stand. (The Adams Tremor is an older Norco Model similar to this one. We bought it very used last year for $25.) The grip shifters weren’t working, so we took one off and took it apart to see the problem. I think something had gone missing, because the shifter couldn’t hold tension. The tension holding mechanism didn’t even exist. Notice the Our Community Bikes stickers on the “O”s. This made their number easily available so I called them to see if they were open and if they had the parts we needed. They were and they did. So we rode over.
For an eight year old, digging through bins of used parts looking for what we need, is a special sort of joy. We found more or less what we needed. And then I decided that now is the time to take the child seat off my bike. So I looked for the parts to add the handlebar to my seatpost. We put that together right in the shop. I didn’t take the seat off, because to our youngest this is her bike, and removing the seat from our bike is something we are going to do together.
We took the working grip shifters home and got them working for us. And then went for a test ride. I had to return a few things to friends so we did a test ride errand combo. The front derailleur hadn’t been moved in years so it’s too stiff for a kid to shift. I oiled it and shifted it a number of times to try to loosen it up, but it may take a while. The rear derailleur is working perfectly.