Capital: the product of working people, our own power turned against us.

Democracy: "a system of government in which elite elements based in the business community control the state by virtue of their dominance of the private society, while the public observes quietly. So understood, democracy is a system of elite decision and public ratification, as in the United States itself. Correspondingly, popular involvement in the formation of public policy is considered a serious threat." Noam Chomsky, On Power and Ideology (Boston: South End Press, 1987), 6.

Doublespeak: "a language that avoids or shifts responsibility, a language that is at variance with its real or purported meaning. It is a language that conceals or prevents thought; rather than extending the thought, doublespeak limits it." William Lutz, Doublespeak (New York: HarperCollins, 1989), 1.

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