Here’s a list of papers I’m working on:

1) Modernity’s limited consciousness

This was written very quickly for the academic writing component of the academic process. I will be going through the process again for the next intake.

2) Why not Nietzsche?

This paper was written for a course I audited. In it I am looking at the turn to Marx in communication studies after a period of “de-politicized” research (1940 – 1970). This is the academic stuff. What interests me is the historical contingecy of this turn to Marx. Why not Nietzsche? The question is considered in its historical moment, which was difficult because a) I’m no expert (far from it as all the material was new to me) and b) my real interest is our present. I’ll be re-writing this paper for the application processes so any comments would be appreciated.

3) Zombies and Spectres: Decaying bodies and the spirit of communism

This paper is also part of the course I  audited. It is supposed to be a comparison of Gramsci and Foucault, or at least their perspectives on communication and culture, but ends up being more a description of the conditions in which their work was composed. It ends up taking a mostly Foucauldian turn finding Marx as creator of the conditions (of thought) that makes Gramsci’s and Foucault’s works possible. This paper or more accurately the research that went into it will be recombined with some recommended research directions to begin building a theoretical ground. (I am thinking to set up a glossary on this site. That way I can link to what I mean by theoretical ground. This would define terms but also help in finding terms for definitions.)


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