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Grand March For Housing

April 4, 2009

Grand March For Housing

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At today’s rally Jenny Kwan said, “Homelessness is not like cancer. There is a cure. It’s called, building affordable housing.” To get action on these few words is why thousands marched today.

(Lyotard says something about homelessness being solvable, but that solving the problem wouldn’t boost the systems performance, so there is no will)

The Grand March For Housing brought out an enormous crowd demanding immediate government action to build social housing, raise welfare and the minimum wage.

I’d like to mention this video, again, about Little Mountain Social Housing Complex. That over 200 housing units sit empty while people sleep on the street should not go unnoted. Alleviating the suffering of homelessness is as simple as accessing alreading existing buildings.

Here’s Press TVs coverage of the event: (link)

Where do we stand?

February 7, 2009

New illegal signage bylaw may silence free speech. See Changes to …

“Add clause 17 that states none of the above applies to protests, demonstrations, political picketing or political theatre,” said Shaw. “Then we will all know where we stand.”