The end of history

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The End of History

This isn’t really the end of history, but I have read the history chapter Of the Jaspers book of Nietzsche. And I can’t stop myself from quipping slogans, bumper stickers, lines from songs. It is a blogging thing to do; quickly quip and run. Who’s got time for any kind of thinking beyond what can be printed on a t-shirt?

Ok, I do. That’s one of the benefits of not having a day job. A little time to think. I saw Edmond last night. A little time to think and a bit of chatter will get you sodomized. Would that fit on a t-shirt? And then the graffiti is everywhere this morning. I guess Halloween is the night insurrectionists and revolutionaries spray their historic idea in alley ways.

Well Tense, you are on to something with your rejection of history. Maybe it’s just the rejection. The latest issue of WIRED has The New Atheists artfully texted on its cover. But that’s how the media works. History doesn’t exist. Every scheduled issue is a constant expression of the new. It’s almost a good article. Really a review of three books bound together in a pseudo-quest narrative. It could have been good if it was a little less of an attempt, maybe.

Nietzsche does predict a collapse of the world with the end of the faith on which the world was built. He made this prediction over 100 years ago, but here we are. Has faith not collapsed or were the world builders hypocritical pronouncing a faith and building upon something else?


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